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My Approach

my commitment to you

You Believing in Yourself Starts Here,
Even When You're Unsure – Because I Believe in You!

Welcome to a Space of Understanding and Growth! Here, your thoughts and feelings are valued and comprehended in a supportive, non-judgmental environment.
As your coach, I prioritise a personalised approach tailored specifically to your individual needs and preferences, respecting your personal pace and boundaries throughout our journey together. My methods are rooted in evidence-based approaches, ensuring a reliable foundation for our work, integrating proven techniques to guide and support you effectively toward your desired goals.
Your unique journey is at the heart of my coaching style, ensuring a collaborative and empowering experience focused entirely on your growth and success.
I’m committed to nurturing your growth through continuous personal coaching and supervision, ensuring a space that encourages and values your insights.

In moments of doubt, know this: I firmly believe in your limitless potential.
Join me in unlocking your true potential!

Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery?


What Coaching is

The ICF definition of coaching: «Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the client to maximise personal and professional potential». 
Coaching is not counselling, mentoring, consulting or therapy. Coaching does not involve the treatment or diagnosis of mental health disorders. Instead, the client sets the agenda and takes responsibility for getting the most out of the coaching relationship.
The coach doesn’t provide advice to the client while the client has the autonomy to decide their own next steps based on their insights and choices.

Transformational coaching distinguishes itself from traditional coaching by fostering a profound connection between the coach and the coachee. This unique approach involves an extended collaboration that delves into the depths of one's being, resulting in a more profound and meaningful self-exploration.
My role is to provide unwavering support as you become increasingly aware of your innermost self. Through this transformative journey, you uncover and address underlying issues while reflecting upon your conscious and unconscious thoughts and emotions. The ultimate goal is to facilitate lasting change that engenders profound insights, reshaping your perception of yourself, the world, and life itself.

If you desire to embrace the present moment and make profound and lasting changes in your life, then transformational coaching is the perfect fit for you. This approach is designed to support you in creating meaningful transformations that have a lasting impact on your personal and professional growth


I offer a free 30 minutes discovery call to give you the opportunity to experience what coaching is.
During this brief session, the spotlight is on you. We will concentrate on your current life situation and your desired destination. Together, we will explore various avenues for collaboration and determine how we can work together to help you bridge the gap and achieve your goals

In my coaching practice, I place a strong emphasis on tailored attention to meet your unique needs, which cannot be confined to a standard program. During our initial session, we'll discuss the frequency and preferred platform for our meetings, whether in-person, Google Meet, Zoom, WhatsApp, or another suitable option that aligns with your schedule and preferences. Sessions are typically scheduled weekly or fortnightly, whichever suits your lifestyle better. 
Together, let's design a coaching plan that best serves your goals and fits seamlessly into your life.

For further details regarding pricing and payment options, please reach out to me directly.

Email me at KatiaCoaching@str8fwd.co.uk 

or just click on the link


Let me be your thinking partner

What Will We Cover

• Explore how it feels and looks like success for you
• Create flexibility
• Set healthy boundaries that honour your needs
• Delve deep into your inner world, you will learn to accept yourself fully, allowing you to extend the same acceptance to others
• Living a genuine life will be a key focus
• Develop your capacity for self-reflection, giving meaning to your thoughts and feelings
• Identify your needs and learn to consciously listen to your inner voice, examining your personal beliefs, thoughts, and values.
• Build on your strengths
• Create a supportive network
• Explore emotions and create an emotional container that fosters trust and faith in yourself, acceptance and finally forgiveness.
• Embrace emotional maturity to handle relationships better
• Challenge limiting beliefs, assumptions and biases
• Work with your inner child
• Channel habits that serve your needs
• Use of visualisation
• Develop a deeper understanding of your passion in life
• Explore ways of how you can have an impact on society
• Become committed to your goals
• Take responsibility for your choices
• Connect with your inner belief

Together, we will embark on a transformative journey to help you unlock your full potential and live a joyful life

Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery?

My approach

Theoretical Applied Approaches

Emotional Intelligence

Creat a Safe Space for Emotions


Right brain to right brain conversation

Positive Psychology

Promote the power of positive emotions


Connect our body and mind


Work with the dynamic unconcious

Person Centerd Theory

Experience the right conditions to unlock your full potential

Trauma Informed

Hold sensitively a container for traumatic experiences

Transactional Analysis

Develop effective interpersonal skills


Trust and Safety are the two main ingredients for a successful partnership

Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery?

I am a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and I abide by ICF Code of Ethics. I would encourage you to go through their website so that you are aware of what to expect from our coaching relationship https://coachingfederation.org/ethics


What my clients say about me

"Overall my coach has helped me see through my emotions, feel them and accept them. This was the initial step towards my personal development. The best part of this journey is that I am learning how to manage my emotions and listen to my body. I am very happy with our collaboration because I feel heard and I can see my progress in every session."

"Katia’s character and personality help me to ease into the conversation and help me to be open to exchange ideas. She was very committed and enthusiast in each meeting, starting always in time and prepared. Each session was a great opportunity to speak openly, Katia always found a way to help me to recognize the feelings/emotions behind the issues that I presented to her. She knew very well how to guide me to discover the action to be taken to move forward with the issues she was coaching me for. I highly recommend her coaching sessions."

"I am very satisfied with the work we have been doing with my coach. Katia's trauma based approaches have helped me guide through my emotional wellbeing. More specifically, she has helped me listen to my body and become more aware and connected with my emotions and their location on my body. I can finally self-reflect and explore the actions that inflict any particular emotional and physical state of mine. However, the most important part of this collaboration is the fact that Katia is an active listener, which itself helps me feel safe, heard and open to discuss thoroughly my thoughts and feelings. Her endeavors to unlock a person's mind are fruitful not only in terms of helping a client to feel heard, but most importantly in helping the individual to become more conscious of their personal boundaries and actions. I adamantly advocate her as a life coach"

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