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Sweet Words From My Clients

Ursula Client

The coaching sessions I had helped me to understand why i was feeling so stressed about driving. It was nice to be able to speak to Katia about things that happened in the past that were affecting my day to day life. I found Katia to be a very good listener and with a lot of empathy. The structure of the sessions encouraged me to share my thoughts, experiences and feelings. Thanks to the sessions I learnt to detect signs of stress and techniques to control it. Katia has helped me to be more positive about my driving which has had a big impact on my day to day life.

George Client

Good listener, non judgemental, makes you feel comfortable, understands easily your situation, encouraging

Isabel Ferreira Client

Katia’s character and personality help me to ease into the conversation and help me to be open to exchange ideas. She was very committed and enthusiast in each meeting, starting always in time and prepared. Each session was a great opportunity to speak openly, Katia always found a way to help me to recognize the feelings/emotions behind the issues that I presented to her. She knew very well how to guide me to discover the action to be taken to move forward with the issues she was coaching me for. I highly recommend her coaching sessions

Evelin Client

At first I wasn't sure what to expect, and of course one nowadays one expects results straight away. I realise now that all the steps helped me to realise my true potential, which for me was finding freedom. Katia’s approach is gentle but presses the right buttons straight away. I have enjoyed the experience as I feel it helped me get back to my integrity

Thomai Client

I am very satisfied with the work we have been doing with my coach. Katia's trauma based approaches have helped me guide through my emotional wellbeing. More specifically, she has helped me listen to my body and become more aware and connected with my emotions and their location on my body. I can finally self-reflect and explore the actions that inflict any particular emotional and physical state of mine. However, the most important part of this collaboration is the fact that Katia is an active listener, which itself helps me feel safe, heard and open to discuss thoroughly my thoughts and feelings. Her endeavours to unlock a person's mind are fruitful not only in terms of helping a client to feel heard, but most importantly in helping the individual to become more conscious of their personal boundaries and actions. I adamantly advocate her as a life coach

N W Client

You have a thorough and fearless style - not afraid of going deep and getting your client to really connect with their feelings - with deep listening skills and the ability to ask just the right question - thank you!

Ana Client

Katia is fantastic at gaining a deep understanding of my personal challenges and coaching me towards great ways of overcoming them in my every day life. I’m very thankful to have found her 💓

Irina Client

My coaching experience was wonderful. I felt comfortable right from the start and felt safe and understood when sharing personal information. The most important part of coaching was learning to love and accept myself, and it really got me thinking differently.

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